Monday, September 19, 2011

Denali High, a palette knife painting of Mt McKinley painted plein air.

So much has been happening lately between art and travel I'm going to step back in time just a bit...

It was the last weekend in August of 2011 when the first ever Art in Alaska State Park took place. Over 40 Alaska artists gathered together at Byer's Lake. One of the states many beautiful places to camp, hike, canoe and of course paint. For three days and two nights, artists and friends camped in tents, motorhomes, and the wonderful Princess Lodge at Chulitna River. We were so blessed by beautiful weather and clear skies. It was the perfect opportunity to paint Mt McKinley. There was even events for hikers, children and of course a fantastic potluck for everyone. The event ended with a showing of all the art completed with many attendees including the Lt Gov Mead Treadwell. A big thank you to the State of Alaska for it's beauty and leaderships support.