Sunday, October 13, 2013


Visiting the beautiful grounds of the Old Mill in Pasadena was like a visit to Tuscany. We painted in the Pomegranate Courtyard and the pomegranates were plenty. I took many photos but hope to go back there to paint Plein Air. The ironic part of the whole visit was that I was in a workshop with Ruo Li on painting the ocean. So we stood there in the quintessential courtyard painting ocean waves from photos. I was happy on both accounts.
The story continues to amuse me because the photo I painted from was from last winter's trip to Kauai. All the wonderful worlds collide. Thus the name...Collision.

My study for this painting was to focus on the light that glimmers through the water while it sits at it's clearest state and the shadow the uplifted water throws on itself.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

El Pescador's Beach House

It was another gorgeous day and we were going to once again paint El Matador. It's one of those places where you can set up in one spot and just turn to paint another, and turn again...full of perfect compositions. What we didn't keep in mind is that is was Sunday and everyone else enjoyed the thought of being there. After circling the parking lot with no avail, we cantered down the Malibu coastline discovering new little places. Access was sometimes too difficult, and other times parking was the issue... until we landed upon El Pescador, a quiet little beach seemingly made for locals. By then it was nearly 4pm! Time for the rapid fire painting to begin. Three little sketches were completed in three light changing hours.
The sun was about to set. The brushes were dropped. The palette, scrapped and ready to renew. Quickly now, choose your moment and start painting. Brushstrokes mixed with loud "Oh MY"s and sudden change over to camera lens. Watching, painting, and then photographing until the crimson clouds turn dark and the air turns cool, no...cold. The quick pack up in jubilation from the moment turned to the heat blazing from the car as we wander our way back home tickled by the wonderful events of the day.

Two 6x8 gems and one 6x6 wave gem. Contact