Sunday, October 13, 2013


Visiting the beautiful grounds of the Old Mill in Pasadena was like a visit to Tuscany. We painted in the Pomegranate Courtyard and the pomegranates were plenty. I took many photos but hope to go back there to paint Plein Air. The ironic part of the whole visit was that I was in a workshop with Ruo Li on painting the ocean. So we stood there in the quintessential courtyard painting ocean waves from photos. I was happy on both accounts.
The story continues to amuse me because the photo I painted from was from last winter's trip to Kauai. All the wonderful worlds collide. Thus the name...Collision.

My study for this painting was to focus on the light that glimmers through the water while it sits at it's clearest state and the shadow the uplifted water throws on itself.

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