Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rebirth of a Blog

Winter was long.  Very long.  Jan, Feb, March...but as April turns to spring and spring into summer, sown seeds begin to grow.  

I have neglected my blog as I've just not had much to say.  Not much positive that is.   I have to admit that I stuggled through darkness and isolation in my little town in Alaska this winter.  Whenever I felt really low, I would force myself into the studio and fight the desire to dwell.  Whenever I felt good, I spent time in my studio practicing my work.  All in all, I try to rely on the saying "If I don't have anything good to say, say nothing at all."    The good news is, I'm back!  I figured there is a time for every season and although this is not my favorite season to be in I would ask what is the best thing I could do with it be.  The answer was a relentless, grow.  Brushstroke by brushstroke, my goal was to grow.   

So, as spring came, so did opportunities.  A wonderful woman saw some of my work and asked me to paint her family portrait.  It's always an honor to be asked and I have been diligently (and quietly) working on that.  

Also in April, Linda Jay Jackson of Helping Hand Nepal teams up with Rene Haag of Blaine's Art in Anchorage.  Up to thirty artists are scheduled to paint daily and then all paintings are donated and auctioned off to help aid those in Nepal.  This is my 4th year taking part in the event but this year's earthquake has made the need far greater.  

I started this painting using one of Linda's photos from a previous trip.  She is an amazing photographer with a earth sized heart. This painting, and the paintings of all the other artists, will be available for viewing on May 15 at   You may call or email bids after the 15th and bids close on May 29.  100% of proceeds benefit the health and well being of those in Nepal.  You can also donate direct to

                                                                  "Woven Lives"
                                                           12x12   1/2" Gallery Wrap

On a side note, at the church I attend there is a pastor who has made numerous trips to Nepal.  He and his team were in the air on their way to Nepal when the devasting earthquate hit.  Their flight had to turn around and at the next available moment they flew into Katmandu and then the airport was closed again.  They are trekking to the less visited villages to help as they can and then returning to the city.   Perfect timing for those who are able and want to help.