Monday, March 3, 2014

Reworking the Land

Reworking the Land, Larsen's Place

11 x 14
Oil on Linen Panel

A family friend has recently retired.  He worked for about 30 years with every drop of being he has.  He reworked raw land in the Matanuska Valley, Alaska year after year.  
Kent always had the most beautiful cut flowers and the most fragrant herbs.  Florist and fine chefs would scoop up most of his jewels before any had time to reach the public.  He catered to perfection. Businesses and locals reaped the reward.  Fresh tasty veggies that hadn't sat on a barge before reaching Alaska, succulent tomatoes and the most bountiful flower baskets to be had.   
You have to understand that although Alaska summers can be beautiful, they can also be harsh.  Even though the days are long, the summer can feel quite short.  
Kent would start in the winter months choosing seeds and starting them indoors.  His home is one that was shared with all the seedlings, like a parent raising young with hopes of them going out one day and beautifying our world.  Through rain, cold, sun, and even moose chomping away at his crops he persevered and continued his passion to perfection.

I painted this scene a couple of years ago.  Today I reworked it a little and as I did I was reminded of countless days my friend Kent reworked his land.  
I am so thankful for people who live with passion.
Thank you Kent, and enjoy your retirement.


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