Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Road to Achham

"The Road to Achham"
Helping Hand Nepal

There is a wonderful soul who spends her own time, finances and heart with those less fortunate.  She flies to Nepal and lives with the locals.  Her job there is to help those in need of medical help that have no other way to recieve it.  She encourages and returns living with families like any other local.   Thank you Linda Jay Jackson for all you do.

There is another wonderful lady who continues to give back to the community.  She doesn't fly to faraway countries but opens the door over and over again to help the local neighborhood.  Although her business is sales of art supplies, she does much more than sell,
she encourages and offers opportunity for artists over and over again.  Thank you Rene Haag of Blaines Art.

Together they are doing wonders.  Every day in the month of March floor space is made available for an artist to promote and paint.  Each artist donates a painting to be auctioned off.  All of the money raised goes to Helping Hand Nepal and all of the money HHN recieves, goes directly to the people in need. 

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