Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alaska's Night Sky

Sometimes I complain a little about sleepless nights.
Not this week.
This week I've watched a beautiful moon rise slowly over the not to distant range casting warm glows on clouds and mountains.
I watched the Aurora Borealis dance it's ribbony curtain just above our house. 
 Last night a 1:00 in the morning we made a quick run to 
Hatcher Pass that lasted three hours!
A bazillion or more stars twinkled in delight above the jagged snow capped peaks.
I do believe, there, I could see the speed of light.

So at 17 degrees and quite windy I decided not to set up my easel and attempt plein air, although there will be a day... no night... that I will!

Instead, I set my camera up.  Finally giving into the fact that a tripod does wonders!
I am still in the very early learning stages of camera use and learning by experimentation but they are still worth sharing because if you haven't ever experienced something like this for yourself, I want you to at least see it through my eyes. 

And so the first little study for my Alaska Nocturne looks like this...

This is just a little 6x6 sketch to begin the process. 
I always enjoy watching other artists journeys and thought you might enjoy this one too.

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