Saturday, August 8, 2015

American Portrait Society Conference




What a great opportunity to attend the American Portrait Society Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, May of 2015.  There was an unending amount of talent there.  Quang Ho, Jeffery Heins, Michelle Dunaway, David Kasaan and so many more.   It was great to see some of my favorites demo and to now have some new ones.   
Of greatest interest to me was to witness the varied approaches to painting a portrait.  Some start with the eyes, others with a basic oval and a few markers for feature placement.  The ones that excited me the most were those who attack the basic shape by blocking in colorful planes of the face.  Watching what looked like a chaos of color and temperature evolve into a beautiful woman or a character of a man, intrigued me beyond measure.  I certainly can see a new direction for my own work.  
The first evening's paint off consisted of 15 artists painting 5 separate models.  Three artists at each one and all in their own style, they painted away with limited time.   Some were at the advantage of fast alla prima work but even those who's style is slower were able to complete beautiful paintings.  

The weekend progressed to include mini workshops, mine to be the figure drawing that was guided by Lei Colli Wight and Kerri Dunn of Immmmmmm Atilier.  After volunteering to assist in this class I was very excited to hear that Lei will be teaching a workshop in Kethikan, Alaska this summer.  It's going to take some real work but I hope I can make it!  I was excited to hear about the models, Alaska native women...that would be perfect to continue my all ready started body of work.



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