Thursday, August 13, 2015

Salt Chuck Falls

There's a salt chuck in the backyard. Sometimes the water is higher than ocean level, sometimes it is lower. This turns it into a reverse waterfall. It's very interesting to see this, but more fun to paint it. There has been at least 10 inches of rain in the last month so that the water is very high. If I could've painted the sound it would've sounded like that of a fast moving train with endless cars. The salt chuck itself is like a pond between a creek and the ocean. When the water of the ocean tide is higher than that of the creek or the pond, salt water seeps into the pond at a lower level. Freshwater sits on top of the salt chuck so the water is layered.  There are hundreds of salmon at the mouth and their fins are frantic.  

It was very powerful to stand balancing on the rocks staring this magnificent moment in the face to paint.  

And then the day was done. 


  1. Another beautiful painting of this unique place! I've the photo of you balancing on the rocks to paint. all the extra effort to paint "en plein air" shows in the finished work! Interesting about the salt water intrusion lifting the fresh water floating above. The same hydrodynamics happen here in coastal SC in the freshwater creeks at high tide. The influx of salt water into the creeks lifts the fresh water level in the creeks...used to help flood the rice field impoundments in colonial times. I really enjoy reading about the habitats you're experiencing and seeing your wonderful paintings.

    1. Occasionally times slips through my hands like sand on a beach but I am now just seeing your comment. Katherine, it's so interesting to hear similarities in places so far away from each other. I just popped over to your blog and saw you are in Charleston! I have a good friend there and try to visit now and then. Next time I'm in town, perhaps we can paint! Thanks again, Nancy


Thanks for the comment. It's always encouraging to hear your thoughts!