Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Growth and Thankfulness. A Daniel Gerhartz Workshop.

Growth and Thankfulness

The opportunity arose and it was possible it might not again.
Only a small number of students per year are able to get a spot and I was one of them. 
Students are chosen by lottery and many have tried for quite a few years to get in.  
I was incredibly lucky to be here on my first try. 

The long, delayed flights and landing at the wrong airport due to fog was totally worth it.

The subtle to heavy fog made the drive there quite beautiful as the countryside of Kewaskum, Wisconsin is dotted with barns and silos.  The desire to stop for a plein air piece might overtake me one of these days but until then portraits from life are on the ticket.

Daniel Gerhartz Portrait Workshop
March 2016

Entering the timber framed studio did nothing but take my breath away.  The beautiful airy light, model stands, many copper and silver pots along with florals and fabrics of assorted colors and sizes tell stories of paintings that have been and those to come.  


I'll post an occasional shot of his studio but he prefers his work be posted by his galleries and I fully understand that but I highly recommend a visit to his website.  You will be swept away.

On to the painting....
The first day started with a demo and new information. 
 I've taken enough workshops to think that I've heard it all and realize that each instructor has a different emphasis and I appreciate that but truly day one was packed with 
insight I had never heard before.  

Of course there was focus was on value and structure but also on turning form with shifts of temperature as he demonstrated so beautifully on the morning demo.   He is more interested in teaching us to see certain things rather than teaching us simply formulas.  

With permission to post, here is a glimpse of a demo start painting the lovely Ashley.

Day two I had the opportunity to paint Joel!  Daniel has wonderful models and we rotate around the room as the week goes on so that we all are able to have every perspective.  

As Joel was mostly in shadow I had to stretch my abilities.
A value check of my final painting.

Many lessons learned.

Visit Daniel Gerhartz here.   You will be amazed.

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