Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Learning from the masters. Daniel Gerhartz Workshop

What can I say about a week painting with Daniel Gerhartz?

It is hard for me to decide what I was most impressed with during my time at his studio.  
Of course there are the countless, incredible works of art surrounding his studio and home, 
(which he welcomed all of us into for an evening meal) 
but most impressive was his humility towards his work. 
Every compliment and wow towards him was answered with a lowering of the eyes and subtle thank you.  His words delivered, without preaching, that he truly feels his gift is a gift to be shared and refined to the best of his ability and his goal is to reflect the beauty that God has poured out.  
He is certainly a success because you certainly feel all of that when 
standing in front of one of his paintings.  

He is also a very good teacher, with boundless energy making the rounds to each student and meeting  them where they are.  He offered just the right advice at the right time bringing each of us a step closer to reaching our next level.   

I am a true believer that when I'm at a workshop I'm not there to impress anyone.  
I'm also not there to do my best work ever.
I think this is the time to push and explore new approaches and observations.  
If I am there doing what I always do, I have wasted my money.  
A workshop is a time to pour in, later it will pour back out.
That being said here are a few pieces that I started.

We studied under various lighting.  
Warm and cool lighting, warm lighting and even north light for just a while when we waited for the generator to start up.  Yes the high winds caused an afternoon power outage.  
Nothing kept us from continuing on.

Painting Torrie.  What a gift.

Setting up Ashley for a 6 hour pose.  She did fantastic!

Instead of one 6 hour pose I painted 2 three hour poses.  I wanted to capture color notes of her skin tones and also the entire setup.  I look forward to getting into this more in my studio. 

Dan and I next to his incredible painting of a girl with a horse.  
I can not post photos of it but you'll know when you see it! 

The gang at dinner at the Gerhartz generous home.

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