Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out

6x8 Original Oil

First kayak painting!! 
(yes! painting in the ocean in a kayak!)

This little beauty has a special meaning to me, even more than my other Channel Island pieces.  Notice the kelp in the foreground?  There was enough of it floating up to the surface of the water to hold a kayak in place long enough to capture this little scene.   You can see our ship, The Conception, in the distance through the hole in the rock wall.  
As the waves started picking up my painting quickly ended.  Tidy up the box on my lap and tuck it neatly under my half bent knees.  That was the position rowing zealously back to the boat.  On the way back, I slipped my kayak through a tunnel in the wall of rock to be sent off with a wonderful sea lion farewell.  He zigged and zagged along side my little yellow boat until I was safely through the tunnel.

What a day!!!
The tunnel home.
Good friend, Cindy Compert, kayak painting.


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