Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Garnet Barn

"Garnet Barn"

It was Saturday, Jan 5th, and I was scheduled to fly home on Monday.  
It was about the 4th time I had visited New England with plans to meet artist team 
David and Pam Lussier.   Facebook posts and phone calls were often shared, but we were never able to connect personally, so this time was it.  No excuses.  After contacting them, I found out David would be teaching his class in Willington, Conn.    It was an hour and a half drive starting around 7:30 in the morning.  Very out of character for me :) but it was a beautiful drive.  Back roads to the little town with morning light, 
fresh snow, creeks and barns along the way.   
Once arriving in Willington,  I found David's studio in an old mill on a 
pond with waterfall and all.  Wooden floors, track lighting and big beautiful windows make up the studio space and of course the walls were adorned with fabulous paintings that sparkle with snow and sea alike.  
David's paintings were an inspiration to start the day.   Both David and Pam are so very warm and welcoming with big smiles and hearts to match.  Shortly after introductions and set up David began his demo.  I'm walking away with some great nuggets, my favorite being how he uses his color wheel to create a palette that will ensure harmony through out his paintings.  

So, with feedback from both David and Pam, my Day 9 painting is from a lovely little Connecticut scene called Garnet Barn.

Garnet Barn
10x10 Original Oil

David Lussier showing his palette set up. 
David Lussier standing and Pam seated.  Both happily painting.

Garnet Barn

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