Monday, January 7, 2013

Newport Jewel

The coast of Newport, RI, also known as 12 mile drive, is a real jewel in itself and while some days are meant for still life, others are meant for plein air. The cold, ocean air at the beginning of January tends for quick studies though. At times it's hard to get started because of how amazing it is to just watch and be moved by the movement. Crashing sprays, breaking waves, light changing the colors and intensity of the deep living ocean. It swims within my veins. Then, as daylight gives hints that it will be leaving soon for another day and another place, I must set up quick and sing the song of color notes.

Quick studies, along with photos, are the souvenirs that will come home to my studio for larger and more detailed paintings. Until then, this little 6x8 will keep the moment alive.


  1. Love seeing what you're doing, Nancy!!

  2. This one is a jewel for sure - love the light and I can hear the waves crashing! Will be really cool in a big one!


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