Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Chinese Shade Tree

Chinese Shade Tree

In keeping up with a rapid fire painting challenge (one per day)
I found myself back at one of my many favorite photographs 
from our recent trip on the Inside Passage.

This one however is still very much on land.  It was a visit to a wonderful Chinese Garden.
There is a photo below that inspired this painting.
There was another inspiration for this painting too.
It was experimentation.

A hardboard panel, some oil paint put on, some lifting with towels, adding more paint, and lifting with a rubber point. 

I decided that I like it :)
The lure of a water color looking background 
and the strong popping colors of oil.
Simple strokes and a couple of details,
enough said.

Chinese Shade Tree
5 x 7

These certainly fun pieces to create and share 
but I am feeling the need to get back to some larger 
paintings again.  Perhaps I'll be sharing some previously completed 
pieces while working on new ones.

Thanks for stopping by!

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