Sunday, September 15, 2013

Silver Lining

Well it's an old saying and it usually refers to clouds
although the clouds are not usually the issue.

This "Silver Lining" was near the end of a very long and dark Alaskan winter.
Just along a busy well traveled road,  just a moment of the turn of a head, 
that's where I saw this silver lining.  

After driving by this little creek so many times, remembering the little house 
where the grandmotherly lady once lived and babysat my youngest child,
on this day I had to stop and take some photos.  

Silver Linings is an attitude, a memory, and a reminder that
the light that shines in the distance often reaches out to us 
like an old friend.

"Silver Lining"
9x12 original oil
$595 Framed

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  1. Gorgeous! Lovely thoughts as well.

    1. Thank you Sheila. Sometimes it dangerous for me to write late at night ;) Really appreciate your comment!

  2. Wonderful sunlight! And you handled the snow with the right values and such rich and lovely colors!

    Very well done!

    1. Thanks so much Robert! How long did it take me to understand that snow is not white :?)

  3. beautiful! love the reflection - it's so well done!

  4. Thanks so much Jutta :). Appreciate your feedback.


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