Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hatcher Pass 23

Hatcher Pass 23

As the challenge continued and so did life, more than 30 paintings have been completed.
The blog, however, fell behind.   After a wonderful visit from my son and the 
Eight Annual Plein Air Event in Anchorage, the blog continues.

During the weekend, I set up my tent, my walls, and my art.  
It was good.  With the work of setting up done, I set up my tripod and painting box.
With a favorite photo from my daily trips to the pass I started a new piece.
It was fun sharing the process with so many people but I definitely spent more time chatting 
than painting.  No complaints though, it was a wonderful weekend seeing friends, 
meeting new ones and having the pleasure of adding happy collectors.

Before the crowds and under the trees

Getting back to the studio, it is completed

"Rekindled Love"


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    1. Thank you "Places to Hangout in Gurgaon"


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