Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hatcher Pass 25

Hatcher Pass 25

Another day visiting the pass after 5pm.
Sometimes the days are just busy and sometimes
that pays off big.

Summit Lake again was the destination.  
I rarely know exactly where I'm going to paint when I head up there so 
I often make it to the top in search of poetry.  
Sometimes I find myself back at the river, which I never mind 
and other times the poetry is everywhere!

What a surprise to find these paragliders enjoying the wind.
It was a tough choice to paint or see about a tandem ride!
Of course, the challenge was on, so I painted.
Ready for a tandem flight now though!!

Check out these great photos...

Who knew how long they'd be there and how fast I could paint these
floating, gliding, swinging, swaying strokes of color.

Not my best profile but you can see why
set up was fast!

Was I feeling excited? Yes...
What else?
Feelin' Small, but happy.

As I've said before,
the weather changes quickly in the pass.  
Spots of sun and lumbering clouds start this paint-out but changes quickly.

Then there's knowing when it's time to go.

I just love this photo Ken took.
I can get so lost in the moment I don't even realize what's going on.

I decided to go bright and just had a lot of fun with 

"She'll be Coming Round the Mountain"


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    1. Glad you enjoyed! Sometimes reading each others blogs is a great way to travel :)


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