Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hatcher Pass 22

Hatcher Pass 22

Well, I made it 21 days in a row blogging and continued to paint daily at  
Hatcher Pass until the 25th.   The Eighth Annual Plein Air Event in Anchorage took place and I started a painting of Hatcher from a photo but talking to people and 
sharing with friends took precedence and I still have to finish it.   

Then, I'm sorry to say,there was a matter of sorrow.
Prayers for peace and strength are being answered daily for my sweet friend.
Thank you God.

Then last weekend I taught a wonderful group of artists for a two day workshop. 
Two demos done there is sheer proof that I've been painting!

And best of all this, getting ready for my son's visit.  YAY!

So, at this point the 
30 Painting Challenge is still on but the timing is no longer chronological,
we are now on Angelini Time :)

Today I got to share my office with my son who is visiting from his 
college life.   It was very nice having a Sherpa for the day!

We thought about taking the elevator up at the office today 
but decided instead to take the stairs... okay path.

As I set up to paint, 

The guys continue to hike.
I see you up there!!!

And man are they fast.   Hiking, climbing and rock skipping,
(or maybe I should say boulder skipping)
they returned in just about an hour.
Paint fast Angelini, and enjoy the view!
"April Bowl Flow"
8 x 10

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