Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21

July 21st

Today was a spectacular day.  
It was so beautiful it makes more sense to tell the story with more photos than words.

A 3 mile hike on Archangel Trail led to a beautiful lake.  My friend Laurie stayed with me there while I painted while Sheila and Karen hiked on up to the huts

.  Standing there was like standing in front of a Thomas Moran or Edgar Payne painting.  They would have been right at home here.  

Let's start with getting there!  
Friends and their dogs, flora, creeks, rocks and sunshine = one great day.

Over the River

It was up, up, up all the way there.

What looked like an eagles nest that is falling apart had 3 little chicks in it.
They weren't making much noise and sat tiered as the nest slid down the tree.
Let's hope mom was just out searching for dinner. 

The Girls!  

Four very happy dogs!

The painting....

First, setting up.

The entire view!

Looking forward to more paintings from this location :)

And the painting.  Kind of makes me think about a father and son.  
"I want to be just like him"

8x8 on panel

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