Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 3rd

Some days this will be easier than others.
Today was one of those days that wasn't.
Today, I truly felt the challenge.

It was an all day event in Anchorage to get back to the valley by 5pm,
and an event to be at by 8.

But these are just the kinds of challenge that make me go..."Oh ya", 
when others might say "not gonna happen" gives me the drive to say "yes it will"

The most challenging part of this painting is that it was painted with a heavy heart.
Enough said on that for now.

This whole 30 day challenge is more than just painting,
it's sharing my good and my not so good paintings,
it's sharing where my heart and energy is each day,
it's cataloging the journey of an artist.
Not just the painter, but the whole person.

With that...

I was happier with my start than I was with my finish.

I like the muted color and the light on the distant hill.
I made the mistake of chasing after the changing light. 
My colors became over saturated and what drew me 
into the scene became the obstacle.  I liked the little
tree in the foreground with light speckled leaves.
Unfortunately, I hurried through and missed my poetry.
Another day of learning. 

Thanks for looking!

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