Monday, July 21, 2014

July #20

July #20

Down by the River

The rush, the roar, the river.

A new perspective.  What felt natural was a wide format but if 
I just keep doing what feels natural, then how would that be a challenge?
So I chose the long format for a wide river and it was a challenge.

The block in...

This 'in-scene' photo shows me that my colors look more vibrant but that 
is the issue painting water on days when the clouds are moving in and out.
In complete sunshine, the water takes on a gorgeous turquoise hue, 
but when the shade takes over it grays down considerably.
Thus said, you have to choose your light and stick to it.

I have honestly struggled with this piece.
First the loss of my darks, and without the darks, 
the light won't shine.  Then, after scraping out lights and revisiting the darks,
I am slowly adding back the lights of the white water.

It has been said,
"That loose painterly, effortless look, can sometimes take a lot of time and work"
I concur.
I like it much more when it seemingly paints itself.

"Change of Direction"

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