Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11th

July 11th

A busy day before getting to the Pass.
It's surprising how much time this challenge is taking.  
Made use of a crock pot yesterday and got a load of laundry done today.
Okay,  clean and fed... ready to paint.

I chose a busy spot to paint.   A famous bridge and viewing area of the Little Susitna River.  
It's really fun to share painting on location with spectators but adds a 
different twist to the challenge.  
I really love people and find it hard to not stop and chat but if you look at that river, 
you might see that it's a little like some relationships...
It's complicated!

Although many of the people stopping by today were visiting the state, friends or family, 
a couple of them were good friends of mine!

Good to see you Alexa and Jen!
Looks like Buddy had fun too :)

In Progress....

And finished for now...
I might follow up with a couple of adjustments,
but another painting beckons.

Until tomorrow.

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