Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 5th

Another sunny day in Alaska!
It was hot and 77 degrees here, but once again, up in the pass, 
the large lumbering clouds that float without reason passed slowly by 
watching the many people hiking, photographing and even painting (me!) 
They dappled sunlight and then shade making for beautiful but ever changing patterns of light.

I found my way all the way to Independence Mine today where 
I've been mesmerized in the past by the tall chimney of this, 
(what I believe to be) a private residence.  
I love the way the tall geometric shape shoots directly up between the peaks.  
The clouds billowing above grace the land and blue sky.

Although I might add a few strokes of color and light when I return home,
my goal is to keep them as plein air pieces and move quickly on to the next.
It is a time of learning and discovering.

Into the Sky

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