Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12th

Day 12
Almost half way there!

So today, I found a spot a little more isolated.  
I was actually in a very large parking area with plenty of other vehicles and people.
There was even a race ending not far from me but with my car backed in, 
setting up between my vehicle and a quick drop in the ground, not many found me.
It kind of reminded me how a person can feel lonesome in the heart of a bustling city.
For today, that was good.

Sometimes our hearts find solace in the company of others, 
other times, quietness stills the heart.

On to the painting.  
Today was about perspective.  If you recall July 5th..
(I'll post a photo here)

This piece was painted standing on the ridge near Independence Mine.  The site is a mix of very old and unsafe buildings and gray buildings that have been saved and restored for all of us to walk through history.   On July 9th, there was another painting, I called it "What was I thinking?!" because of the complexity of the old wood mixed with earth tumbling down the mountainside.  That too, was a closeup view of today's painting.  
Today I looked at the big picture, and it is really a beautiful picture at that.

Starting to look a little ragged, eh :) me, that is!
So, from this....

To this...

It's not completely done here but you can see the little brown chimney
at the base of the mountain, that is July 5th at a distance.

Also, the brownish marking left of the gray buildings...
that is where the railroad trestle and older building trickle down the
mountain from July 9th!

It's kind of fun to share this great place with those of you who have never been.
I hope you do, one day!


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