Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fresh Summer Snow

JULY 2nd   Gold Chord Lake

The second day of July at Hatcher Pass included a wonderful hike up to Gold Chord Lake with Ken.
Large billowy clouds made for sun and shade.  A great thing while climbing and hiking but certainly a challenge for a painter.  "Oh how I love that lit green on the hillside!"... and then it's gone.  

Almost there :)
Up on that ridge is where we want to be.

Even this high on a mountain side in Alaska you might run into a little boy in a sombrero!
And I must apologize for the many photos of me.  
With Ken there with a camera and the scenery so beautiful,
 Gold Chord Lake is just to pretty to not share.

I'm happy with my start, looking where the lake turns into a stream 
and trickles it's way down the mountainside.  

July 2nd   Gold Chord Lake

A beautiful day for a quick sketch on a mountain.
Fresh summer snow.

Oil on linen

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