Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8th

Day 8 at Hatcher Pass was... let's just say "blissful".
Why?  Well that's because fellow artist Pat Bliss joined me.
She heard about my daily plein air work and wanted to tag along for a day.
It was a beautiful day and the lower part of Hatcher's Recreation site had not reached sunshine yet but the Little Susitna River was beautiful.

We meandered up, up and up past Summit Lake (yesterday's painting location) 
and down, down, down the other side.  
As the light gray, billowy sky turned darker and more intense,
we decided to travel back to the river.  
By the time we made it there, the sun was shining brilliantly.
The river was blissful... Thanks Pat!

Panorama shots are not always the best but I had to share this one.

Wild Geraniums

How impressed I am with the many bikers pedaling up this pass!  And don't you know... 
Along comes Tosha.  When she's not biking or working, she's learning to fly helicopters!
You Go Girl!!

In progress, lost in the sound of the rushing water, 
but checking often for that bear that was spotted guarding his meal of moose meat.

Although the bear at Hatcher's 
had a mighty fine meal
of organic moose meat,
these three moose, 
(mama and young twins) 
were safe and protected 
right by my house.
Spotted them as I pulled in my driveway.
Happy :)

Oh, and before I forget,
finished plein air.
July 8th

Rush Hour
10 x 8

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