Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 19

July 19th
Returning to the Challenge.

I find painting the river to be a very natural thing for me.  
I am always drawn to water, 
funny that I'm a "Valley Girl", 
Matanuska Valley that is.

So as my hearts skips beats as I drive parallel the river, I head higher and higher.
And once again, the clouds encase the peaks.  
But THAT is the challenge!

Clouds doing the Two-Step with dollops of sunbeams.
Not only are there areas of clouds covering parts of the ridges, 
but there are areas of earth and rock that glimmer from hints of light.
It gorgeous!!!,
but changing places every minute like a chorus of musical chairs!!

The block in....

Choosing the moment and staying with it is the answer to chasing light.


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