Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 13

July 13th
Lucky 13 that is.

Two hours in the sun by the river and done. 
Feeling good about today's work although I started at the top of the mountain but the wind and clouds brought shiver to my bones.  It was the first time I thought about not painting and just going home.  I think I'm getting tired...
But rejuvenation comes to me through living water.
There I found it.

The start.

As I put up this canvas board that had a painting started on it quite some time ago, 
spectators looked inquisitively as there is no calm lake, 
nor is there a house reflecting in it??

Then came the brownish hue paint, 
covering all that was there of an upside down wanna be.

Lucky for me it was all covered and started when my friend 
Carol (photographer extraordinare'!) 
came by with her family and visiting relatives.  
This location is proving to be a great place to run into friends 
I haven't seen for some time!

By now, the canvas is covered. Phew.

And Lucky 13 is done..
Thank you Tina Turner..
Rollin on a Riiiver.

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