Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7

July 7th was a perfect day for my 
30 Day Hatcher Pass Challenge.

My good friend Laurie and her sweet friend Lacy joined me.

They hiked the hills while I painted them.

The locals all know the meaning of  "Is the road open yet?".
There is a dirt road that takes you from Independence Mine area of Hatcher's and 
comes out on the Parks Hwy in Willow.  
It's a long and gorgeous dirt road and we know that when it opens, it truly is summer.
I believe it was July 3rd this year.

A couple of miles in, there is a fresh, cold, and reflective lake.  Meandering off this lake is a bubbling stream that makes it's way down forming a song of travel.  
Today, July 7th, this was my spot.
It is truly a sweet spot.

Although I haven't been thrilled with every piece I've painted this month, 
I have been quite content with my starts.
And you know what they say, "practice makes perfect" 
and that is exactly what this 30 day challenge is about.  

I just really love the loosely drawn lines and hints of darkness
paired with the distant subtle colors of the atmosphere.

(for those who care, note the BAPA shirt and Handipants :)

Days like this just continue to get better and better.
Is there such thing as a plein air bomber?  I think so!
Where there is snow, there are snowballs... as it should be.

And the photo bomber shows his face.
And not a bad face at that New Jersey man :)

Just as the wind brought chill and the clouds brought rain, 
it was time to pack up July 7th.

I've decided there's still a little softening and simplifying to do, but will be done soon.
Until tomorrow.....

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