Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 18th

Painting 18

Today started out hard for me.  
I am feeling Vitamin D-ficienct.  
The weather has been hanging between 60 and 65 lately but I need a day of 80!

So today the clouds broke!!! Yay! I drove up in the afternoon and as I climbed up the road following the river, switchbacking up the mountain, 
I found the clouds clinging like sticky fingers to the mountain tops.

Striving to learn more and push further, I decided to leave the river for a few days and work on finding a way to speak more emotion in the mountains.  

The clouds crept over the hills, slowly encroaching on my painting perch 
while I painted more green.  You know they say green in nature is the 
hardest color to capture while painting... and there is a lot of it.   
So I painted green hills with mountain peaks that my senses 
told me were there less my eyes.

Then the clouds began to lift!  A bit.  A hole to prove the sky is blue!

So, I will save my cloudy green painting for another day
and today share my second painting...


"Lifted by the Light"

8 x 8

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