Monday, January 9, 2012

Cozy Places

A little birdie told me to take a short break
from shoes on the run.

I found little fella stuck inside the bird feeder this morning.  After a gallant  rescue, 
I quickly set up my easel for another indoor plein air.  Plein Window might be a better name for my below 0 outdoor paintings, but it would sound so much better if I knew how to say it in french!  
Plein Window en france', anyone?

For my friends who are missing winter...
Just outside my living room window, winter wrapped itself around this little spruce tree.  All day long the chickadees are fleeting in and out, through the little holes in the snow, back and forth to the feeder.  What looks so cold from the outside is a sheltered home of warmth on the inside.

The sun was out but only for a short time and wind was in the forecast.  I knew I had better capture this 
little 8x8 and quick.
(Can you find all four chickadees?)

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