Tuesday, January 3, 2012

October in Jerome

As I often find myself jumping from one thing to another, so does my blog. It was during my Great Autumn Adventure of 2011 I spent about a month in Arizona. One part of my trip, while visiting dear friends and artists, I got to spend a little time in Jerome. It's an old mining town plastered on the side of a mountain that proved to be a great place to paint, eat, or just be a tourist.

The first painting was a painted plein air with my dear friend And fellow artist (used to be Alaskan and now Arizonian) Kristy. It is a painting of a beautifully built but now abandoned bank/hotel building.

The old windmill is familiar if you've ever visited the old ghost town in Jerome. It was working and spinning while I painted. The rain came and went but my friend and painter Diane, used to be Alaskan and now Arizonian, did not leave :). [I think I'm seeing a trend!]

The third piece was done in Alaska, in my home. A still life that I painted with my friend Jeff, a talented pilot artist! The piece is called Grandpa's Boots and they really were. I love the photos of my kids trying to fit and walk in them even when the boots reached high above their knees!

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  1. I love painting with friends. Looks like you do too!!

    Love the boots!


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