Sunday, January 1, 2012

  Happy New Year.

I enjoyed reading all the wonderful New Year posts and thoughts of how to do 2012 different.  Well, I thought I might like to plein air paint more often starting today!   Imagine my dismay when I checked the temperature in the morning of this short but sunny day.  26 degrees BELOW zero!   Yikes!  Especially when my car thermometer is set normally at 80.   Ok.  New plan.

From the warmth of my tree fort style Alaskan bedroom, the plein air backpack unloads.   Ice crystals on the treetops and heavy laden branches on this sunny first day of a new year, made it possible to capture the cold but beautiful day including Pioneer Peak in this little 8x8 oil.  


  1. Very nice, Nancy. In my opinion you have the most beautiful pictures you could ever want to paint year around here in Alaska. You just have do it from inside instead of outside.

  2. Great way to start your year. In my opinion you have the most beautiful pictures a person could ever want to paint right here in Alaska. You just have to stay inside to paint them sometimes.

  3. BEAUTIFUL setup and wonderful painting!!!

    I really can't even imagine...

    Happy New Year, Nancy!!

  4. Great way to start the year Nancy. I spent all day in the studio painting, it was a wonderful begining of the year.

  5. Nancy - this is so pretty. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!!


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