Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walk on By

"Walk on By"  
That's best advice I could give to those cute little shoes!

6x6 Original Oil

Once again, I revert to my past.  This special little bar lamp was always a part of the annual Christmas party that was held at mom and dad's house.  Christmas Eve the little house was packed.  People lining both sides of the hallway, chairs along every wall space filled, and a table packed with unbelievable Italian and Portuguese cooking, all done by mom.    But... I have a feeling that's not what this painting conjures up!   And so... not being a person to promote drunkenness to a point of hanging onto lamp posts or other such objects, the name became "Walk on By"  It did however lead the imagination to many other appropriate titles.   Love to hear your ideas!

Framing Options

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